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Site Rules

February 2023

The Rules are used to help us run the site for the benefit of all stakeholders. We review these annually at our AGM to ensure they are current and reflect changing societal issues.

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LA&LFA Rules January 2023

Litherland Allotments and Land Fertility
Association Rules

1. The name of the club shall be Litherland Allotments and Land Fertility

2. To promote interest of the allotment holders and to take joint action
for the benefit of members.

3. Membership will be for plot holders only.

4. Rents will be set for each calendar year for each plot and be due on
1st January to be paid by 28th February. This rent covers the period 1st January to 31st December (inclusive).

5. Rents must be paid to the Treasurer or another officer of the committee by “the last day in February each year”. Any member who fails to pay in this timeframe shall cease to be a member and their plot will be re-let without further notice.

6. Application for plots shall be made to the Secretary who shall have
the power to let same or re-let same in accordance with Rule 5.

7. The tenant [plot holder(s)] shall keep their plot in a good state of
cultivation by the application of manure, fertilisers and lime and in a
clean and weed free condition to the satisfaction of the committee.
At least 75% of the space must be allotted to growing fruit and
vegetables and flowers. In addition all trees must be edible fruit or
nut and pruned in both height and width so they do not interfere
with other tenants’ enjoyment, safety or sunlight.

8. Inspections will take place monthly throughout the calendar year on
the 1st Sunday of the month following the committee meeting. New
plot holders will be inspected after 28 days.

9. The plot holder shall also keep the paths adjacent to their plot clear,
safe and weed free including bushes and brambles, and should allow
wheelbarrow width access for all members. The committee are
empowered to visit plots periodically. The tenant of a neglected plot
shall be given one month to clean and cultivate their holding and if
they do not do so without reasonable excuse the committee shall have the power to re-let the plot without further notice and without refunding any monies already paid.

10. Plot holders shall at times carry out the instructions of the committee and co-operate with them in administering these rules.

11. Plot holders shall enter and leave by the recognised entrance gates
and ensure they are locked at all times after entry and after departure.

12. A copy of these rules shall be given to full paid members, acceptance of these rules is a condition of membership. In paying
rent members agree to comply with these rules.

13. The officers shall be Chair, Treasurer, Secretary who shall be exofficio members of the committee. The offices of treasurer and
secretary shall not be the same person where possible.

14. The committee shall retire at the Annual General Meeting but shall
be eligible for re-election. A quorum for a committee meeting shall
be given as 5 committee members. Co-opted members may not form
a quorum.

15. The funds of the association shall be lodged with a local bank or
building society and all money received shall be paid into the
account. Cheques shall be signed by any two from Chair, Treasurer or

16. There shall be two auditors, appointed from the members, who are
not members of the committee, to audit the stock in the shop each

17. The annual general meeting shall take place in January of each
year. The quorum shall be 20 members and in case of a tied vote the
Chair shall have the casting vote. The secretary’s report and audited
accounts shall be submitted and officers for the ensuing year shall be
elected. The notice of the meeting and the agenda shall be
forwarded by post, social media, Whatsapp or handed personally to a
member seven days before the meeting. Special meetings shall be
called upon request, signed by at least ten members. The meeting
shall decide who pays the expenses of the meeting.

18. No party political or sectarian discussion shall be raised, or
resolution proposed either at a committee meeting or general
meeting of the association.

19. There shall be no fires at any time (other than November 5th) on
association land. Any member lighting a fire will cease to be a
member of the association and their plot be re-let without further
notice and without refunding any monies already paid. Said member
would be afforded 7 days to remove their property.

20. There shall be no carpets kept on association land for any reason.

21. The speed limit on association land shall be 5 miles per hour.

22. All new members shall have one month to organise and cultivate
their plot or their plot will be re-let without further notice and
without refunding any monies already paid.

23. Any skips supplied by the council shall not be over filled and
members shall not tip rubbish anywhere on the allotment site.
Material that is compostable shall not be placed in the skips.

24. If any member is caught tipping their plot be re-let without further
notice and without refunding any monies already paid.

25. No person shall be allowed to remove produce from any allotment
(other than their own) unless the plot holder is present or unless they
have written permission of the plot holder. Husbands/wives and
children over the age of 16 are the exception. Any member caught
stealing from another members plot or acting abusively or violently
towards another member shall be evicted and their plot be re-let
without further notice and without refunding any monies already

26. If any member finds evidence of vandalism they shall inform the
plot holder. It is for the plot holder to decide if they shall inform the

27. All dogs must be kept on a leash in communal areas. Any member
bringing pets onto the site should carry at least two dog poop bags at
all times and clear any fouling immediately.

28. No person under the age of 16 is allowed on site unless supervised
by an adult member.

29. Motorcycles are not allowed on association land. Drivers of cars
and cyclists must exercise care, keep within the 5MPH speed limit
and give way to pedestrians on association land.

30. Keys to the entrance gate will be provided by the association upon
payment of a deposit of £25.00. £10.00 will be refunded when the
key is returned. If a key is lost/misplaced a second key will be issued
provided that a further £15.00 [non-refundable] is paid.

31. Any member shall have the right of appeal against any decision
made by the committee and shall have the right of a personal hearing
by the committee. The member may be accompanied by a friend who
may speak for/with them.

32. Any matter not dealt with in these rules shall be dealt with by the
committee at their discretion.

33. Sheds, Greenhouses and any other buildings permanent or
temporary should not be erected without written agreement of the
committee. All structures will be inspected monthly during
committee inspections and the tenant of any deemed unsafe written
to and given notice to amend or remove.

34. Complaints by members shall be made in writing, signed and
handed to an officer of the management team or committee or sent
via email. Anonymous complaints will be ignored.

35. Should a person leave and another tenant take over the vacant plot
no refund will be given to the person leaving.

36. When a new person takes over a plot they will pay the full rent
due. However if a person takes over a plot between Oct-December
then only half of the rent will be payable for that year.

37. In the event of the death of a member all items on the deceased
plot will be offered to the deceased’s family and a period of 28 days
allowed to collect. The plot will be transferred to a family member if
confirmed in writing. After 28 says all items on said plot become the
property of the committee. Any claim otherwise must be
accompanied by a letter from the deceased or their family to support
the other members’ claims. Verbal agreements will not suffice.

38. There is an agreement with local residents that “The Allotment Association
recognise that there may be occasions when tenants may wish to maintain their fence line, from the allotment side. On these occasions, we request that be put in writing to us and we will endeavour to provide access. It is helpful if as much notice as possible can be given, as our tenants may have produce growing on
our land which needs to be safeguarded from trampling.” All tenants must leave a 3ft gap on the external boundary of all plots that run adjacent to Norwood Avenue, Litherland Park, Hatton Hill Road, Stanley Park and Sefton
Lane. This excludes structures already in situ when the plot is issued.

39. Gates should be closed and locked at all times. All members are responsible for this (and should not rely on anyone else who may be on the site at the time) without exception.

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